Release Notes

Release 2.3

October 25, 2013
Bug fix: Algs can now have U'2 and L2' moves
On a user page, we now show what algs a user uses in addition to the algs they upload
URLs are much cleaner. For example, looking at the algs for the T-PLL case would previously be something like /Algs/Case/22, while now it's /Set/PLL/T.
No more page-reloads when approving/denying algs (Admins)

Release 2.2

October 18, 2013
Bug fix: admins can now delete algs that have votes attached to them
Issues list available at AlgDB.Net/Issues
"View Set" page heavily improved

Release 2.1

October 11, 2013
Added NewCaseGroup page (admin-only)
Moved everything to SmartASP.Net
Display more admin-only stuff to homepage

Release 2.0

October 4, 2013
Ready for a proper release
Improved alg pages, and made modals work properly.

Release 1.6

September 27, 2013
Created alg-specific page
Now display images for cases

Release 1.5

September 20, 2013
Fixed deletion of user (admin), and refactored some code

Release 1.4

September 13, 2013
Users can now vote on algs
Only add algs after an admin accepts them

Release 1.3

September 6, 2013
Contact Us form implemented
Grids look a bit nicer
OpenID implemented

Release 1.2

August 30, 2013
Fix: Deleting of cases/case groups now functions properly
Algs now are tracked by create date and who created the alg.

Release 1.1

August 23, 2013
Bug fix: only users can try to add algs
Using some RegEx in the input
Link to CaseGroup when viewing a case
Fix "Current Tab" highlighting

Release 1.0

August 19, 2013
Initial push!